Dear Malibu Community,

We are writing to you with an urgent request for support, and this is very, very important. We have been working with the City of Malibu for months to adopt a new telecom ordinance. This ordinance will protect our city, and its residents, and be a model for other cities around the country. There is a city council meeting this coming Monday, the 23rd, and if we do not get this ordinance on the agenda (deadline tomorrow), we will have to until next year. That will be too late.


During this holiday time period, numerous small cell sites will be installed. We cannot let this happen. We do have another option and that is to ask for a "special" City Council meeting before the holidays. This would just be an additional meeting, to adopt an Urgency Ordinance, which will take effect immediately. This will fill the gap in time until the Council reconvenes next year, when they can work on any changes that they feel need to be made. 


We are asking you to please click and sign the letter to Council urging them to either get this on the agenda for Monday, or hold a special meeting. This is crucial for us.


Thank you for your support in the past, and hopefully we can make this happen. We’ve been working really hard for our community and now they need to hear from you again. 


Please forward to other concerned Malibu residents. This is "the 11th Hour" and we need to remind them how many of us are opposed to the haphazard placement of antennas in our front yards, next to schools, ALL along the PCH and in high fire risk areas!


Here is link to sign again*


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