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Q: What is 5G?

A: 5G is complex, but one of its main facets is that it's an extremely high dose of radio-frequency microwave radiation that is being installed in "small cells" throughout populated areas, raising the risk of radiation-related issues for people and the environment. (source:

Q: Is it the same as the 5G I see on my wifi router?

A: No. The 5G on your wifi router stands for "5 GHz" which is not the same as 5G meaning "5th Generation" which operates at 25-90+ GHz. Though, some believe the name coincidence is being exploited to gain widespread approval of/familiarity with the term "5G". (source:

Q: How does it affect me?

A: 5G poses an extensive list of health risks such as cancers, heart arrhythmias, cell damage, free radical damage, and more to both humans and animal life. Remember, 5G is radiation! Small cell installations also have been shown to lower property values, etc. (source:

Q: How can I protect myself?

A: The short answer is to take precautions when interacting with your electronic appliances and smart technology! Some first steps you can take include: using airplane mode whenever possible, keeping your distance from microwaves and televisions when in use, turning off your wifi router when you're asleep or opting for ethernet, and keeping electronics and routers out of the bedroom (source: also recommend this Environmental Health Trust page that provides further information on how to use tech safely in a variety of circumstances.

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